The 2 Must-do Before Branding those Items

Before looking at the two must-do factors, I shall lead us through a brief history of branding and some importance of branding.

First, Short history of Branding

Way back, precisely 4712 years ago, Egyptians could tell whose cow or goat was roaming a neighborhood. This they did by noting the mark burned onto the skin of the animal by its owner. Livestock farmers call this branding, for example, branding a calf.

Today, so many companies or businesses are selling identical products or offering identical services to a teeming customer base. Although, there may be slight differences in the ingredient used, or the location or other factors of production. What is key here is that without branding businesses would be overwhelmed by lots of challenges. Getting customers to remain consistent will another hurdle. So branding is all conscious step by businesses to create a unique image for themselves by initiating a logo, font, or subtle language. Listed below are more positives of branding.

The Importance of Branding

Branded products are all items sold or given as freebie which have a company logo, design, colours, and all other differentiating additions which help companies achieve the following:

  1. Create Recognition and Awareness

    As mentioned above, it would be difficult to easily tell the difference between products of competing companies if there were no branded products. Businesses must ensure to have a brand that helps provide visibility in a crowded business space.

  2. Loyalty

    Anyone with sound senses can tell the difference between one product and another, between satisfaction and dissatisfaction. Thanks to branding, customer loyalty can be enhanced. The company that brands enables and sustains a deeper connection with its customers - a benefit its competition without one, or a well communicated idea, may never enjoy.

  3. Products with Brand dynamics are Trusted and Profitable

    Trust is deepened by branding. Companies that brand their products make more money than a non-branded competition. Come to think of it, no company which considers itself a relevant player or stakeholder in any industry undermines the priority of branding.

The 2 Must-do before Branding These are the first line of action that ensures a company's brand stands out. To enjoy the rewards of branding, a business must:
  1. Know the Reason:

    When a company's marketing team have a clear notion of what the company was created for, they can see the path forward clearly. Beliefs, if known, empowers the knower. It inspires the vision of any organisation, and better arms its strategists on designing accurately. Owners and founders of successful companies lead with a deeper emotional connection to their vision. So connecting their market strategy with consumer needs is easier and rewarding.

  2. Effect the Reason with gusto:

    When a company’s vision is clear, it’s not difficult for its strategist to move from the ‘Why’ to ‘How.’ After clarity, coming up with a budget to actualize the clear vision and what needs to be done and who needs to becomes the ‘How. The methodology or ways with which to carry the strategy into real time work and creation of a winning product become exciting. For instance, if you’re all about making customers smile, how to create the exact product should be next.

With this, I believe companies can begin to brand better.